GPR, INC. is a Maryland based corporation with principal offices located in McLean, Virginia. GPR was founded in 2005 by Vito John Germinario and Khalil Gabriel Rouhana. GPR has become a major player in the exterior wall systems market in the Washington DC area.

GPR’s project portfolio covers a wide spectrum of glazing applications for both exterior and interior projects. In addition to classic curtain wall enclosures, GPR’s past and current projects cover specialty glazing work such as blast resistant windows, exterior renovations, tenant fit-out, and special structures such as train enclosures, glass bridges, and breezeways.

The company’s overall strategy is to fill the need of owners, developers, and general contractors in the field of building enclosures and interior glazing projects. GPR is committed to the highest level of quality, safety, and timely completion of projects regardless of size or complexity. GPR is always on the cutting edge of the latest building envelope technologies that are implemented through thorough testing and modeling.